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How biosimilars can help fix a broken prescription drug system

Biosimilars have the power to help fix a broken prescription drug system. Prescryptive’s Rich Lieblich, SVP, Chief Clinical Pharmacist, tells us how in the latest addition to The Inside Scrypt.

What is a digital prescription?

With new technologies, including a digital prescription solution, more opportunities are available for patient engagement, patient retention, and patient empowerment.

Why patient retention is the key to healthy connections

Keeping patients satisfied and in place requires a focused strategy and a consistent approach. Are health systems paying enough attention to patient retention?

Patient engagement technology for a digitally demanding consumer

Patient engagement technology provides the personalized experience patients expect and the competitive edge health systems need.

Pharmacists, hear from a colleague about the power of AI-optimized pricing

In this NCPA Business Booster, hear from pharmacy owner, Steve Moore, PharmD, on how pharmacists can become immediately more competitive with this program.

Ask a pharmacist: Paying out of pocket for your prescriptions.

Can you pay out of pocket for prescriptions even if you have insurance? Get a perspective from the other side of the pharmacy counter from a pharmacist who knows.