What is a digital prescription?

With new technologies, including a digital prescription solution, more opportunities are available for patient…

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Why patient retention is the key to healthy connections

Keeping patients satisfied and in place requires a focused strategy and a consistent approach. Are health systems…

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Point-of-care technology: The benefits of meeting the patient where they are

Point-of-care technology is used in the moment where the patient and provider need it most, leading to collaborative…

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Patient engagement technology for a digitally demanding consumer

Patient engagement technology provides the personalized experience patients expect and the competitive edge health…

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Pharmacists, hear from a colleague about the power of AI-optimized pricing

In this NCPA Business Booster, hear from pharmacy owner, Steve Moore, PharmD, on how pharmacists can become immediately…

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Ask a pharmacist: Paying out of pocket for your prescriptions.

Can you pay out of pocket for prescriptions even if you have insurance? Get a perspective from the other side of the…

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How to save money on Humira

Humira is an expensive drug, but there are steps you can take to save money on your prescription.

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