The days of paper prescriptions — when a patient got a piece of paper to carry from the physician’s office to the pharmacy — may be mostly over, but the prescription experience is still evolving. With new technologies, including a digital prescription solution, more opportunities are available for patient engagement, patient retention, and patient empowerment. Read on to learn more about digital prescriptions.

What is an eScript?

An eScript, or ePrescription, is a prescription entered by the prescriber into the computer and routed directly to the pharmacy. E-prescribing was included in the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) of 2003.

A digital prescription is different than an eScript

Unlike eScripts, a digital prescription allows patients to control their prescriptions on their mobile phone starting at the point of care. Patients are seamlessly connected to drug information, pricing, insurance coverage, filling pharmacy, and more.

What is a digital prescription?

Digital prescription technology, patented by Prescryptive, empowers patients and healthcare consumers to own their prescription for the first time. When a doctor writes a digital prescription, it routes to the patient directly, on their mobile phone, allowing them to make informed decisions about their health and creating a new value network that puts patients at the center of their care.

This digital prescription solution allows others in the network — providers, pharmacists, employers, health systems, pharma manufacturers — to connect to consumers in new ways through their prescriptions.

Digital prescriptions offer transparency to healthcare consumers

Prescryptive’s digital prescriptions run on myPrescryptive, a web-based mobile experience. This unique platform enables prescribers to send patients an encrypted prescription to their mobile phone via SMS at the point of care.

When a prescriber sends a prescription to Prescryptive, the patient receives a text message and can then compare prices and choose a pharmacy based on price, paying options, location, and convenience. With this easy-to-use solution, patients are more likely to pick-up and adhere to medications as prescribed.

Watch the video to see how myPrescryptive works

Digital prescriptions empower a new prescription shopping experience

Many may not know it, but buying some medications without your insurance can actually be cheaper. can actually be cheaper than using insurance. It’s legal to pay out-of-pocket (using cash or credit card) for your prescriptions, even if you have insurance, and many pharmacists will tell you it’s a good idea to ask about the “cash price.”

Digital prescription technology by Prescryptive unlocks not just the insurance price, but also a cash price, so patients and healthcare consumers can know all their options. The entire experience lives on the consumer’s mobile phone — just like other consumer shopping experiences.

Download an infographic to see how myPrescryptive can help with medication shopping.

Digital prescriptions create new value for market participants

Digital prescriptions have the power to change patient behavior, opening up new opportunities for patient engagement, adherence metrics, and more. Many of healthcare’s greatest challenges start and end with prescriptions — and digital prescriptions have the capacity to impact the entire industry.

Health systems can improve medication adherence and see a bump in existing EHR signups.

Pharma manufacturers can unlock real-world insights that inform access and affordability.

Employers can empower their employees with transparent drug prices, a shopping experience, and point-of-care text alerts when a less expensive medication is available. These features and more help employees and the plan save money.

How can I get a digital prescription?

Sign up for myPrescryptive, our web-based prescription experience, to begin using digital prescriptions. The next time your prescriber suggests a prescription, ask them to “send it to Prescryptive.”

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